Friday, April 22, 2011

my thoughts on weather in general

Like most of you out there, I once wanted to be a storm chaser.  I think it was about the time the movie Twister came out.  I mean, it took place in Oklahoma for crying out loud.  I envisioned myself driving my truck amongst the flying cattle, dodging fence posts miraculously, and making fun of some loser male who wanted to be like me. 

Now those of you who know my family know that my father and, before him, my grandmother have always been obsessed with the weather.  My dad would stand outside as the twirling wall cloud went overhead and tell us all how we needed to be inside.   I couldn't wait until I got old enough to defy logic and stand out there too.  Ah the dreams of a young man...

Anyway, now that I am older (and possibly wiser), I have come to realize a few things.  One, storm chasers don't get paid enough and the job overall seems less cool now.  I mean, after all, who wants to get beat to death by hail just so they can be on the news via a crappy cell phone connection.  Two, this job might be kinda dangerous.  I haven't seen or heard of anyone getting sucked up into a tornado like in the movies, but I am sure the close calls are many.

So after all this, I have come to the conclusion that playing armchair meteorologist is the way to go after all.  I get to complain about not enough rain, too much rain, gee this wind is something else and say things like "back when I was a boy we had REAL winter".  Praise the Lord for saving me from my own lunacy!

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